Knowing the RTP percentage of your preferred highest RTP slots can help you choose when and how much to wager. By the majority of laws, a casino or other gaming facility must display the RTP percentages for its video slots in plain view. Here are a few ways to calculate the RTP of an online slot machine to give you an idea:

Seek out specific games and their RTP

The answer to the query of the RTP of a specific game is comparatively straightforward. The name of the slot machine and the game studio or firm that makes it are both easily searchable on Google. You can do this whether you want to use slot machines at real or virtual casinos. The game’s name should get followed by the letters RTP.

Land-based slot machine RTPs can typically be lower and a little more elusive than those of internet casinos’ slots. RTP requirements for casinos in Las Vegas must be at least 75%. Some casinos advertise a 97-99% RTP, but they only use it on that one machine in one particular group of slot machines.

Studying the Developers of Online Slots

Perhaps you haven’t given it much thought, but picking a slot from a reputed software or game developer can impact how enjoyable your gaming is. Just like there is a difference between Reebok and Nike shoes, slot games from various providers might have varying degrees of quality. By going to a slot maker’s website, you can get the RTP of a particular machine.

Due to their high RTPs and payouts, some developers are known for producing well-liked slots. You don’t want to get compelled to play a slot machine from a Bad manufacturer where the only respectable winnings happen in the bonus round.

Ask Casinos Using Their Email

Another option is to ask a casino directly via email what its return on investment (RTP) is for a slot machine. Customer service’s denial that they have access to this information is the problem. You can obtain this information via email from a developer. But most of the time, you shouldn’t rely on this tactic. Emailing them is at least worth a try if you need to learn the RTP for a specific slot.

Check out the slot machine’s help section

Older online slots do not show their RTP, similar to land-based slots. The majority of the newest online slots do and offer this information. You must access the online slot machine’s help page to confirm the payback.

On rare occasions, you may play games with a help screen many pages. In this instance, you have to scroll down to find the repayment percentage.

You’ll notice that some online slots makers always display the RTP on the help screens for their more recent games.

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