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Podium Raceway Hawaii Continues to Focus on Boosting Economy

Podium Raceway Boosting Economy:

First anniversary prompts Podium Raceway partners to evaluate success and continue giving back to the community

HONOLULU, January 25, 2012

It has been one year since Podium Raceway Hawaii introduced the newest, thrilling activity on Oahu and celebrates their first anniversary this month. After successfully reaching this milestone, Podium continues to see a great impact on the economy and community.

The partners of Podium came together to give Hawaii something unlike anything the state currently had. Seeing a need for indoor kart racing, the three general contractor partners worked to find a space big enough for this endeavor and to turn their vision into reality. The reality, a 44,000 square foot facility, created many jobs and turned an unused, rundown building into an ever-growing popular attraction.

“Starting a new business and positively making it through the year with all the economical challenges now is a huge achievement for us,” says Kelly Tsutsui, partner at Podium Raceway.

Kapolei, the location of the racetrack, has been revitalized over the past few years and has since turned into a business-friendly and popular city. Podium is one of the leading businesses that first established in the area and prides themselves on having contributed to the restoration of the town.

Oahu residents and visitors have embraced this exciting activity with over 60,000 racers to date in Hawaii’s fast lane. The company plans to continue focusing on providing a mainland quality experience in Hawaii as well as host events to benefit the community.

“There are very few indoor entertainment venues for the whole family in Hawaii. When we came in, the racing park had just closed and we were very well received by racing fans and families looking for this type of entertainment,” says partner Mark Jeffries. “I’m inspired knowing that everyone loves what we’ve brought here and seeing people continue to come back and bring their friends and family.”

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